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Kim Kardashian, Kourtney and Khloe stun fans with identical looks

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Kim Kardashian and sisters Kourtne and Khloe stun fans with identiccal looks

The Skims CEO – who juggles a gazillion other businesses she owns – announced the release of her Diamonds II Collection which she and her sisters worked on


.All three bombshells took to each of their Instagram accounts to announce the collaboration, but fans seemed to be taken aback by just how difficult it was to tell them apart.


Each rocking the exact same brunette bob hairdo, the Kardashian sisters looked sensational as they even matched their makeup looks for the promotional photoshoot.


What’s more, the girls each wore very similar silk outfits for the shoot, only differing in colours.

Kim Kardashian


The Kardashian sisters teamed the silky crop tops with matching silk slit skirts, as they went barefoot for the chilled-out yet elegant campaign.

What’s more, each of the colours they wore represented their own perfume bottle in the collection – one of each representing the ruby, emerald and sapphire diamonds.

The striking similarities between the trio had fans in disbelief.One shocked fan penned: “Not sure about the hair…but omg they look the same.”