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Burna Boy: Nigerian youths misplace their priorities 

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Burna Boy

Burna Boy: Nigerian youths misplace their priorities 


Burna Boy, Grammy-nominated Nigerian singer, says Nigerian youths have misplaced priorities and only focused on making money to look good.


IexclusiveNews reports that the Grammy nominated singer said this in an interview with Arise News as Nigeria marked its 60th Independence Day on October 1.


He blamed the environment for the misplaced priorities, saying that there must be a conducive environment for talents to thrive.


Burna said: “For me, the point is the youths right now are focused on one thing and that is how to get money to look fly and buy things that don’t matter.


“I’m guilty as well because this is the environment that we have come up in, where our priorities have been so misplaced, and we have become blind to the things that are really going on.


“I don’t think there are too many of my mates that you can ask any historical question that will give you a proper accurate answer.”


The artist further mentioned that there are a few respectable Nigerians who he can die for because they have done great things for themselves.


He said: “The beauty is there are a few hard Nigerians, respectable Nigerians who I will give my last blood for; who took it upon themselves and went out anywhere in the world and did everything to become who they are.”


When asked to name those people, Burna listed Adebayo Ogunlesi, adding that they were too many to mention and did not want to reveal further to give free publicity.


According to him, these people are the only hope Nigerian youths have because the appointed leaders have failed