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 Aregbesola: Backlog Of Undelivered Passports To Be Fixed Before May 31st

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 Aregbesola: Backlog Of Undelivered Passports To Be Fixed Before May 31st
 Aregbesola: Backlog of undelivered passports to be fixed before May 31st


iexclusive News Nigeria reports that Rauf Aregbesola the Minister of Interior, has disclosed that all backlogs of undelivered passport requests would be fixed before May 31st.

Passport Express Centre

FG also announced the launch of a new passport application system, which would be aided by fast track services nationwide.


This was disclosed by Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, in a press briefing with newsmen on Thursday.


“On or before May 31st, all backlogs of undelivered requests for passports will be totally met, unless such applications have a problem,” he said.


“But before the deadline, the problematic application would be contacted, so that we know what’s wrong with the applications. Assuming there would be no problem, every successful application for a passport would be given a passport on or before May 31st,” he added.


The Minister disclosed that the FG will launch a new passport application process which would come into effect soon.


“When you finish your application process, there would be a waiting period of six weeks to collect your passport, however, if you want an express service, there would be fast track centres nationwide, to meet requests for express passport users, he said.