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Adamu Garba’s Instagram Account Deactivated



Adamu Garba's Instagram Account Deactivated
Adamu Garba’s Instagram Account Deactivated


Adamu Garba’s official Instagram page was removed On Tuesday.

Instagram deletes Adamu Garba's page

This happened immediately after his Crowwe app was removed from the Google Play Store.


iexclusive News Nigeria report that Mr Garba’s Instagram account was removed from the popular image and video sharing app, with his profile saying “the user not found”


When asked about the situation this morning, Mr Garba told news men that his Instagram account was taken down after some users reported him.

“It was reported by some users, and Instagram disabled it,” he explained.

As of the time of filing this report, the reason for reporting Adamu Garba’s account was unknown.


However, he has recently faced public outcry over his Crowwe app, which has been accused of deception.


Instagram is notorious for banning accounts that break its terms of service or have been reported for spam, fraud, or a fake account.


Adamu Garba Crowwe app was similarly deleted after Twitter users chastised it for a variety of reasons, including its privacy policy.


Adamu Garba, for example, was discovered to have lifted Crowwe’s terms and conditions from Spotify, according to criticism.


The revelation was also confirmed as accurate by Dubawa, a fact-checking tool.


“Make sure you read the Crowwe app’s terms and conditions. It’s the EXACT SAME AS SPOTIFY. “They didn’t even bother to edit,” a critic of social media stated.


“For example, if you click on the links, it takes you to a Spotify theft page. What kind of pangolo app is that?” says the narrator.

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