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NCC’s Oshadami Wins The Prestigious CIO Of The Year Award



NCC's Oshadami Wins The Prestigious CIO Of The Year Award

NCC’s Oshadami Wins The Prestigious CIO Of The Year Award


Engr. Abraham Oshadami, a Deputy Director at the Nigerian  Communications  Commission NCC and Head of Spectrum Database Management, was named winner of the CIO OF THE YEAR AWARD for Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs), a nomenclature for one of the awards to the public sector group.

The award, which was presented to Oshadami on November 26th, 2021 at the Oriental Hotel Lagos, “celebrates and honors successful and outstanding individuals and organizations that are using digital innovation and information technology systems to bring about real growth and transformation in businesses.”

Since 2016, Oshadami has led the NCC’s Information Technology Department until September 1, 2021, when he was relocated to the Spectrum Administration Department as part of the Commission’s strategic reorganization.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) award is given to Nigerian or African citizens or persons eligible to work in Nigeria every year by Edniesal Consulting Limited, enterprise governance, and corporate services firm.

It is given in both public and private sector categories to Nigerian or African citizens or persons eligible to work in Nigeria.

Senior Information Technology Executives, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Digital Officers, or Chief Information Officers must be serving in this capacity, and their entities must have been registered and doing business for at least two years by July 31 when entries are submitted for an annual assessment.

Edniesal Consulting Limited CIO Award is the “Largest CIO Awards in Africa.” The prizes are divided into several categories, including MDAs, banking, telecommunications, insurance, technology, and energy.

Participants, who are often personnel in charge of IT operations in the organizations where they work, submit official applications, which are then examined by a project team.

The reviews are sent to an interim jury, which conducts the first significant evaluation. After that, the Interim Jury submits three top nominees in each category to a Grand Jury for consideration.

The grand jury conducts the evaluation and submits a list of the final winners to an Independent Assurance Team for final review and report submission.

Engr. Oshadami’s application went through this process, and he was named the best CIO in all of the government’s Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, as well as the best of the public sector executives overseeing Information Technology operations where they work.

The NCC website, one of the items under the purview of the NCC’s IT Department, which Oshadami oversaw for five years, has been dubbed a “forest of resources” due to the volume and quality of resources available, as well as its reliability as a source of credible information for journalists, other communication professionals, and a variety of close and far-flung stakeholders seeking information about Nigeria’s telecom sector.

The Nigerian Online Merit Awards named the Nigerian Communications Commission’s website the Best Website of the Year in the MDAs Category in 2018. (NIOMA).

Among all MDA websites evaluated, the NCC website was deemed the most “interactive, current, relevant, and error-free.”

The NCC also won best honors for usi ng social media to disseminate information and create visibility on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to promote visibility and interaction the same year.

The Commission’s Public Affairs Department is entirely responsible for its social media handles, but the Information Technology Department and the Public Affairs Department collaborate on various areas of the Commission’s website.

Since September 2004, when he joined the Nigerian Communications Commission, Oshadami, a first-class graduate of electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Ibadan, has worked in various capacities, notably in management positions.