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BBMzansi Saturday Nite Party, Who Is Your Favorite? (Video)

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BBMzansi housemates were very excited for Saturday’s nite party; the energy in the house had been electric since Biggie opened up the Storeroom.

BBMzansi housemates have been getting along well, sharing stories, fixing each other’s hair, playing role-playing games, and dancing together.

The house music has set the tone for the Saturday Night Party.

The morning began with some of the Housemates dancing and singing old-school House music jams in the kitchen.

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This sparked interesting discussions about some of their favorite musicians, and Casper Nyovest was mentioned as a great entertainer.

There was also a laundry session, and the Housemates were open about how they were feeling, which we hope means no one will complain about not having anything to wear.

The Housemates fill the silences with song, and we’re here today for the harmonies and harmony in the house.

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We’re just trying to figure out who in this House can’t dance because some of the moves we’re seeing are mind-blowing.

The Housemates have also discussed what they will wear tonight, with Thato ready to show off not only her dance moves, but also her lashes, and Dinky offering to assist her in getting ready.

Some of the Housemates decided to take a nap before tonight’s rocking so that they would have enough energy for the rocking.

The Saturday Nite Party Time: 

Day six has been one of the best days on the House, filled with laughter, a lot of positive energy.

All that remains is to set up, glam up, and rock! the Party