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BBMzansi Day 36: Tulz Wins Head of House

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BBMzansi Day 36: Tulz Wins Head of House

BBMzansi HoH Challenges always take the most unassuming yet tricky rules – in this game of luck we can tell the amount of pressure surrounding the HoH win this week considering what’s really at stake.

Housemates were asked to don blacked-out goggles and walk the coned road with the assistance of Sis Tamara in today’s game of chance.

Sis Tamara brought them to a ball pit with multiple numbered balls, and each roommate selected five balls from the ball pit by lottery.

The housemates with the highest numbers labeled on their balls having a chance to win the HoH title.

Venus, by chance, scored 54 points, followed by Tulz, who also scored 54, tying them for first place.

Mphowabadimo, the last Housemate to take part in the HoH Challenge, came in second place with a score of 53, but it wasn’t enough to avoid the sudden death round.

Tulz chose domes at random to expose the number on the ball in order to determine who will be HoH Venus.

Unfortunately, Venus made a last-minute substitution and received a six, whereas Tulz received a monstrous 17. Tulz wins HoH yet again, as luck would have it.

Tulz’s HoH victory comes after various House plots made him a target because he had not been Nominated for a possible Eviction.

Themba and Gash1 had planned to ensure that he was Nominated, but luck was on their side tonight, as Libo and Tulz gained immunity, ensuring that they will be secure from Nominations and possible Eviction.

Tulz’s victory has completely thrown the House off, and with stale conspiracies, Housemates have no choice but to bring up people they least anticipate.

The conspiracy corner is occupied by housemates.

BBMzansi Day 35: Biggie’s Busy Corner

Tulz used his Veto Power to save Terry and replace her with Thato during the Live Nominations Show. Gash1, Mphowabadimo, Nale, Nthabii, Sis Tamara, and Thato are the remaining Nominees that could be evicted this Sunday.