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Kaduna Train attack: Why Amaechi Asked Nigerians To Raise Money For Victims



Kaduna Train attack: Why Amaechi Asked Nigerians To Raise Money For Victims

Kaduna Train attack-Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation, has asked Nigerians to contribute to the cost of treating those affected in Monday’s train attack.

iexclusivenews understands that When bandits ambushed the train traveling from Abuja to Kaduna, at least nine persons were killed and many more were injured.

Amaechi, who visited the attack site on Tuesday, said the attack would have been prevented if the N3 billion high-capacity train track cameras and sensors had not been blocked.

iexclusive News Nigeria reports that according to him, the technology would eliminate all blind spots on train routes across the country.

Amaechi said the army treated the Kaduna Train attack victims without costing them a dime.

When he visited them at the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital in Kaduna Wednesday.

He did, however, say that some of the patients require pharmaceuticals that are not produced in Nigeria, and he asked Nigerians to help raise the funds.

“The CMD and I were talking, and the army hasn’t charged a single kobo for any patient, and they’ve provided them the best medical treatment they can.”

“You saw the burn patients and then the one who had a gunshot lodged in her heart.

They’re bringing in an expert for that one tomorrow to check if the bullet will be removed by surgery or not.

“They stated they only had seven (patients) left and the rest have been discharged,” she said.

The ministry, as well as, I believe, the federal government, are grateful to the Nigerian Army for its assistance.

But one thing I’ve told Nigerians is to talk to the hospital administration and see how much money they can contribute to the patients’ treatment.

”Obviously those drugs are not manufactured here. The experts they are bringing from outside doesn’t work with the army. So they definitely have to pay them. We will try as much as possible to see what contributions we can make to the management of the hospital to assist in taking care of the patients.”




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