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BREAKING NEWS: Court Holds Donald Trump In Contempt

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BREAKING NEWS: Court Holds Donald Trump In Contempt

Court has held former US President Donald Trump in contempt.

IEXCLUSIVENEWS reports that a court has ruled to hold former President of the United States, Donald Trump in civil contempt. After the former president refused to turn over documents related to the New York attorney general’s investigation into him and the Trump Organization’s financial dealings.

This online news outlet understands that the ruling by a judge at the New York State Supreme Court said Trump must pay $10,000 per day for every day he continues to refuse to provide the documents.

“Today, justice prevailed,” Attorney General Letitia James tweeted. “Our investigation into Donald Trump and the Trump Organization’s financial dealings will continue undeterred because no one is above the law.”

James argued in court papers earlier this month, that Trump should be fined “a sum sufficient to coerce his compliance” after he missed a March 31 court-imposed deadline to turn over the documents.

Trump is currently appealing a February court ruling that said he must answer questions under oath in James’ investigation, but the attorney general said the former president has not yet appealed a ruling establishing the deadline for him to provide documents.

James said her investigation into Trump’s business practices has revealed evidence that he allegedly misstated the value of assets like golf courses and skyscrapers on his financial statements for over a decade.

However, iexclusivenews Nigeria reports that her office has said it is seeking Trump’s testimony and documents while it works to determine whether the misstated values are shown to lenders, taxing authorities, and other business interests constituted fraud, and if so, who may be behind it.