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Jisung NCT Member Test Positive For COVID-19 

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Jisung NCT Member Test Positive For COVID-19 

Jisung, a member of NCT dream has tested positive for COVID-19 

iexclusivenews reports that NCT Dream had taken a precautionary quick antigen test for a schedule on April 29, according to SM Entertainment.

This online news outlet gathered that Jisung tested positive, while the other members’ tests came back negative.

Jisung had had all three Covid-19 vaccine doses and experienced no unusual symptoms other than a little sore throat, according to the label.

iexclusivenews Nigeria reports that Jisung’s schedule has been interrupted, and he is currently in self-isolation.

Get Well Soon Jisung

The general public has been in amazement for the last few weeks. When they learned that NCT had not received a single Covid-19 case in the previous two years. And was continuously making posts about it.

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Fans are tweeting things like,

“The number of talks/articles about how nct is the only group who never have covid…. now yall jinxed it 😵‍💫 anyway hoping for a speedy recovery for jisung! Glasses.”

Another posted, “What. ok who jinxed it?”

One fan commented, “Jisung? get well soon. take care of your health, we are waiting for you here🙌 love you.”

Another said, “Park jisung get well soon, please take care of your health. u all did your best, bub.”

One fan added, “Jisung ~ Czennies will be praying for your speedy recovery. You are always reminding us that we need to take care of ourselves right? Pls you too, take care of yourself and get a lot of rest. Eat healthy foods and focus on recovering ~ We will be waiting for you, my love ♡.”