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NFT News: Madonna’s Nude NFT Launch Triggers Reactions From Community

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NFT News: Madonna’s Nude NFT Launch Triggers Reactions From Community

NFT News – Madonna’s nude NFT launch has triggered a mix of emotions and reactions from the community

iexclusivenews reports that the queen of pop has collaborated with record-setting artist Beeple to create a series called Mother of Creation.

Which includes three nonfungible tokens (NFTs) titled Mother of Technology, Mother of Nature and Mother of Evolution.

The NFTs show a 3D likeness of Madonna giving birth to robot centipedes, butterflies and trees.

This online news outlet understands that as the markets went crazy over stablecoins showing instability.

Madonna and Beeple decided that it was the right time to show the community something even crazier.

NFTs showing a 3D model of the 63-year-old singer-songwriter’s vagina.

What The Community Is Saying

Following the release, the community reacted in a variety of ways, with some being inspired and others criticizing the artwork.

Emiko Inoue, a twitter user wrote that the artwork is “the most inspiring” art and mentioned that if she could afford it, she would “gladly buy one without thinking.”

On the other hand, Twitter user artbyjstelco tweeted that he “absolutely hates” the art.

They criticized many details of the NFT including how mother nature should “not wear make-up” and have “fake tits and hair.”

The Twitter user also noted that giving birth is a painful act and the artwork doesn’t capture this.

The NFTs are presently valued 28 Ether (ETH), which is around $56,000 at the time of writing. The auction will conclude in 35 hours.

However, iexclusivenews Nigeria reports that the money raised from the drop will go to three separate charities.

That help women and children all across the world, according to the collection’s description on the NFT marketplace SuperRare.

Three-dimensional NFTs are becoming more popular. Sony announced a partnership with Theta Labs to launch 3D NFTs last week.

The electronics company, illustrates the capabilities of its new product, the Spatial Reality Display.

Users can examine objects in 3D on the monitor without having to wear standard 3D equipment.