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Solana Network Halted Globally Suffers Outage

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Crypto News: Solana Network Outage Caused By A Bug

Solana network has been shut down, and network validators are working to reinstate it. The Solana mainnet was affected by the outage, which Coinbase announced on Twitter first. 

iexclusivenews reports that the current “Ethereum killer” outage appears to be a series of repeating outages.

This online news outlet understands that the previous outage happened on May 1, 2022. When the network was shut down for around seven hours before restarting successfully. The last disruption was purportedly triggered by a rush in transactions.

What You Should Know 

iexclusivenews reports that following the disruption, Solana status tweeted a description of what happened.

“Earlier today a bug in the durable nonce transactions feature led to nondeterminism when nodes generated different results for the same block, which prevented the network from advancing.”


A Solana dev addressed the issue and wrote on Twitter that “Chain splits occur when two parts of the network compute a different state given the same transactions for any reason. They are a class of bugs that are hard to prevent entirely, even with large test coverage, and affect any chain.”

He also stated that using many nodes to protect against chain-split vulnerabilities is a good idea.

The developer further clarifies that this restart is only a workaround for the situation, not a permanent repair.

Engineers are working on a new release, according to the Solana team. Until the fix is released, all transactions will be temporarily paused. In addition, the team guarantees that the network’s status and cash are safe.

Following last month’s outage, one of Solana’s recent improvements was supposed to alleviate the network’s congestion difficulties.

Instead of receiving a significant update, the Solana network issues have gotten worse. To address the repeated outages.

However, iexclusivenews Nigeria reports that Solana’s team needs to delve deeper to find a sustainable solution rather than relying on temporary fixes.