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Black Chully Breaks Silence Over Viral Black Chully Video

Watch Full Black Chully 5 New Videos Below 

iexclusivenews reports that five new videos of a popular Nigerian Tiktoker known as Black Chully is currently trending after videos of the entertainer went viral on the internet.

This online news platform understands that in the five new video which has gone viral, she was seen touching herself and using toys too.

Black Chully videos were said to have been released to a certain WhatsApp and telegram group.

The five new videos is currently trending in micro blog site Twitter. She was widely known for her adoring beauty and her huge backside

Meanwhile, iexclusivenews Nigeria reports that the TikToker is an up coming comedian and actress who is rapidly gaining popularity.

Black Chully went live on Instagram to react to the videos making rounds. Saying that she wasn’t the one that released the videos, Adding that she had no idea of the person responsible for releasing the videos.

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However, iexclusivenews reports that the Nigerian TikTok star, who broke down in tears, crying profusely on the live video. Mentioned that her fans are calling her unpleasant names. And she can’t explain where they were getting the leaked videos from.

Watch Full Black Chully 5 New Videos Here

iexclusivenews Nigeria reports that Black Chully in another short video she made, mentioned that she had those videos on her phone. And that the recordings were made some years back but she can’t figure out who is behind the release of the videos.

Apparently displeased by her explanation, netizens asked why she had such videos of herself on her phone. While other people wondered if she works with an online dating or p0rn site, for having such videos on her phone.

Watch The Five New Videos Here