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BBNaija S7: Khalid Grants Daniella Midnight Ecstasy ‘Under D Duvet’

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BBNaija S7: Khalid Grants Daniella Midnight Ecstasy ‘Under D Duvet’

BBNaija S7 Housemates in the show are already getting some midnight excitement while others are still ‘sleeping on a bicycle,’ as we say in our local parlance.

The trending highlights of the night came from a recent fans’ favourite ‘SHIP’ featuring Khalid and Daniella on the 11th day.

Addictive viewers may not have been surprised by their behavior, but they certainly provided followers with something they won’t soon forget.

According to reports, Khalid gave Daniella some midnight ecstasy known as “Under D Duvet” in the BBNaija S7 Level 2 House in the video that was posted on Twitter.

For those who are familiar with the proverb from back at the University of Benin, UNIBEN, Edo State, their activities bring to mind the tale of “The Moving Stature.”

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Anyone who watched the video would be able to infer just one thing from Daniella’s facial expression given the level of pleasure she was experiencing at the time.

She was obviously quietly groaning from whatever Khalid was doing to her under the covers, and she was unable to contain her emotions.

The BBNaija Season 7 show’s visual depiction of her facial expressions will assist provide a clear picture of the joy she felt upon meeting her new spouse.