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China-Taiwan: Tensions Rise As China Fires Missiles Into Taiwan Strait After Pelosi’s Visit

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China-Taiwan: Tensions Rise As China Fires Missiles Into Taiwan Strait After Pelosi's Visit

China-Taiwan – China has launched multiple waves of missiles over the Taiwan Strait. Striking targets in the waters that encircle the island of Taiwan. 

After a visit from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sparked a tense military confrontation in the East Asia area,

iexclusivenews reports that 11 Chinese Dongfeng-type missiles were shot in Taiwan’s direction between 1:56 and 4 PM. According to the incident, which was confirmed by Taiwan’s Defense Ministry.

This online news outlet understands that in the meantime, Taiwan’s armed forces announced Thursday afternoon that they were on high alert.

Keeping an eye on Chinese military operations in the area. And that the island’s long-range radar had discovered the approaching missiles.

“We condemn such irrational action that has jeopardized regional peace,” Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said in a statement.

5 of the launched missiles made landfall in waters near Taiwan that are a section of the Exclusive Economic Zone that Japan controls and asserts economic rights over.

Putting Japan, an ally of the United States, at risk of being involved in the confrontation.

“This is a grave issue that concerns our country’s national security and the safety of the people,” Japan’s Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said, per Kyodo News.

Over the past two years, Japan has gradually become more assertive in its approach to national security and defense. In large part as a result of China’s threats against Taiwan.

“We have to protect Taiwan, as a democratic country,” Yasuhide Nakayama, Japan’s deputy defense minister, said at a conference in June 2021.

Pelosi Is Scheduled To Visit Japan on Friday.

China is now engaging in live-fire military training exercises in six zones that surround Taiwan.

The combined sea and air exercises began on Thursday morning and will last at least through August 7.

Thursday morning local time, China claims to have sent several fighter fighters, bombers, and ships. And early warning aircraft toward the waters off Taiwan.

The Kinmen Islands, which are only a few miles off the eastern coast of China, are located in Taiwan.

According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, some of those aircraft, possibly drones, were spotted flying above the islands. And flares were fired to scare them away.

Meanwhile, iexclusivenews Nigeria reports that since Tuesday. Chinese fighter jets have also begun conducting sorties over the Taiwan Strait.

Occasionally even crossing the boundary dividing Chinese and Taiwanese airspace, according to Taiwan’s armed services.