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Alchemy of Souls: Season 2, Episode 1: All You Need to Know

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Alchemy of Souls: Season 2, Episode 1: All You Need to Know

Alchemy of Souls fans is thrilled to see Jang Uk return to the Korean historical drama series, which will premiere its second season in a few hours.

The second season of this TVN K-drama, starring Lee Jae Wook (Jang Uk), Go Yoon Jung, and Hwang Min Hyun, will return with a time leap in the primary narrative.

Jango Uk returns from the grave three years later in the new season. He has attained the level of a soul-changer hunter due to the power of the ice stone he has.

Viewers will see Jank Uk’s sudden metamorphosis into a “monster” in the text preview for Alchemy of Souls 2 Episode 1.

After Mudeok’s death, fans already know they will see Naksu in a new form this season. Jang Uk appears to still be in love with her since she takes the red bird’s egg around with her.

The red bird’s egg travels across the UK to Naksu in its new shape, but the two lovebirds still cannot recognize each other.

The ice stone and the duties that come with it are too much for Jang Uk, but he recognizes that removing the magic stone is not an option since he would perish if he did. Season 2, Episode 1, of Alchemy of Souls will premiere on December 10 at 9:10 p.m.

The program will eventually be available on Netflix with English subtitles.