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Burial Process Of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Revealed By The Vatican

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Burial Process Of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Revealed By The Vatican


Iexclusivenews Nigeria reports that the burial process of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has been revealed by the Vatican.


This website is aware that the details were published in a post by a verified Twitter account.


According to the Vatican, the casket of the Pope Emeritus was closed on Wednesday in accordance with custom.


It was earlier reported that Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI passed away on December 31, 2022, at the age of 95. He was born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger on April 16, 1927 in Marktl, Southeast Germany. He had had a dramatic fall in his health prior to passing away due to advancing age.


The statement said in part:

The pallium of the Pope Emeritus, coins and medals struck during his pontificate, as well as a “Rogito” or Deed summarizing his papacy’s highlights, were also inserted into the coffin, as is customary.


Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s body was taken through the Basilica and into the Vatican crypt on Thursday after the Requiem Mass in preparation for his burial in the first tomb of John Paul II.


He was laid to rest in a triple coffin, as is customary, consisting of cypress, zinc, and oak.


The Holy See Press Office released the complete text of the Deed, which was written in Latin and sealed inside a metal cylinder, in advance of the Requiem Mass.


Click here to read the English-language translation of the Deed…