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Chrisland School: Mother of Whitney Adeniran Narrates How She Found Out Her Daughter Was Dead [VIDEO]

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Chrisland School: Mother of Whitney Adeniran Narrates How She Found Out Her Daughter Was Dead [VIDEO]

Chrisland School- Mother of Whitney Adeniran has narrated how she found out that her daughter was dead 

Mrs. Blessing Adeniran, the mother of Whitney Adeniran, a 12-year-old student at Chrisland International School, Opebi branch, who allegedly passed away at the school’s inter-house sporting events at Agege Stadium, has taken to social media to describe how she learned of her death.

The tearful mother said in the video posted to her Instagram page on Sunday that she had been informed that her daughter had slumped and had been taken to the hospital.

Blessing claimed that she hurried to the hospital right away but struggled to locate it because she had been given the wrong address.

Whitney was already dead and her lips and tongue were black, she claimed after finding where her daughter was at last.

Narrating her ordeal, she said, “We drove out of the stadium to the gate, we asked the gatemen (for the hospital), they didn’t know. As we were driving around we were asking people where we can find Central Hospital but they all said they only knew Agege General Hospital. When we couldn’t locate the place we decided to go to Agege Central Mosque and on our way to the mosque, we saw the school bus packed, so we knew we were at the place.

“I jumped down from the car when we saw the school bus and rushed in. I saw the staff that went with her (Whitney) and I asked her ‘Madam where is my child, what happened, why did she faint’ she (the staff) said ‘I don’t know, she’s in there’. I went in there and I saw my daughter’s corpse, Desola didn’t say anything to me. I went in there and I met my daughter on her deathbed, she was already dead.

“She was drenched, soaked to the skin, water was dripping. I knelt down, I called on God, I shouted, I screamed. I felt her pulse, there was no pulse. My daughter was silent. I asked the doctor what happened to my daughter and he said from the look of things she suffered from cardiac arrest.”

Continuing, she said, “How does a 12-year-old have a cardiac arrest? No pre-existing heart condition, no pre-existing medical condition. She was hale and hearty, she was not sick in any form. Even if she will die from cardiac arrest why should one arrest kill a healthy teenager? Let me state this, that by the time I got there, my daughter’s lips and tongue had already turned black.”

Blessing also revealed that her daughter was not taken to a hospital but an immunisation centre, adding that there was no proper first aid management.

She said, “My child was not taken to a hospital, she was taken to an immunisation centre but that is not even my pain. My pain is there was no proper first aid management, there was nothing that was done for her; she was brought to the hospital dead.

“Because when her medical report came in, it said dead on arrival. When my husband came he came in to pick his child to take her to another hospital, he came in and met her dead. He screamed, shouted, ‘Desola, daddy is here, stand up. What is happening to my child’. My husband knelt down crying begging the doctor ‘help me, this is my first child’.”

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