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See What Peter Obi Told Nigerians 7 Days To Presidential Election



See What Peter Obi Told Nigerians 7 Days To Presidential Election

Peter Obi, the leading presidential candidate of the labor party 7 Days to the election reassured fellow Nigerians of his promises 

Peter Obi via his verified Twitter handle stated:

Fellow Nigerians, we are down to Crunch Time – 7 Days to the Main Day. Our strength is in our diversity. We need to reset and reboot Nigeria in all ramifications –leadership and governance, security of life and properties, and economic and political freedom.

“We must celebrate our Shared Values and Responsibilities. In this march to freedom, I have not come out for myself! I have come out for the millions of youths that are losing hope in our beloved country! Datti and I, wish to deliver a new Nigeria that is possible!

“I have come out for the millions of women who are afraid of tomorrow and what it holds for them and their children! I have come out for the poor who are asking whether it’s a sin to be a Nigerian! For them, I have come! For them, Datti has come!

“Our message has been consistent. Nigeria is not bereft of the required human capital necessary for good leadership. Nigeria is also not bereft of good governance ideas and plans.

“However, our country is bedeviled by the impunity of those few who have perfected the dubious act of State Capture. These national interest issues need to be addressed urgently. The process will start in earnest on 25th February.

“Security will be a national imperative; WE will tweak the national security architecture, via holistic reform of the security sector and governance. We will restructure, reequip and reorient the Nigerian Police.

“This will include 3 levels of policing- Federal, state, and community. We will raise the population-to-police officer ratio to a higher level and ensure a properly manned, equipped, and technologically driven security system.

“The change we seek to bring will be all-encompassing. We will bring back Patriotism and National Pride. Loyalty should be to God and Country. The Constitution and Rule of Law will have primacy. May God help Us all.”  -PO