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APC Gov. Abiodun Share Old N500, N1000 Naira Notes To Supporters

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APC Gov. Abiodun Share Old N500, N1000 Naira Notes To Supporters

APC Gov. Abiodun gives out old naira notes to supporters amidst allegations of storing invalid N500, N1000 for election

Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State has begun distributing old naira notes to his supporters to garner public support for the upcoming general election.

Despite allegations that he and other politicians had stocked up notes to entice voters.

In a video seen by iexclusivenews on Sunday, agents of Mr. Abiodun could be seen sharing the old notes in envelopes branded with the governor’s picture.

Convincing the supporters that the notes remain legal tenders contrary to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) policy.

“These notes remain legal tender, the governor will come back for an enforcement if banks reject them,” his agent told supporters who tried to protest the validity of the notes.

Gov. Abiodun, along with his counterparts in Lagos and Kaduna, as well as several other state governors, has steadfastly opposed the presidency’s and the CBN’s directive on the validity of old notes.

The governors have insisted that the old notes remain legal tender until the Supreme Court issues its decision, which was previously postponed until February 22.

The 10 governors who disagree with the president’s order also went to the supreme court over the weekend. To get a declaration that the president’s directive and the CBN’s insistence on removing the N1000 and N500 notes from circulation.

Violate a previous ruling of the court ordering all parties to maintain the status quo.

Political analysts’ interpretations of the situation vary widely.

While some view the most recent lawsuit filed against the federal government and the CBN as a test of democracy.

Others view it as pure political self-interest on the part of Governor Abiodun and his associates.

Who they charge with wanting unrestricted political lawlessness and electoral fraud during the elections.

iexclusivenews Nigeria reports that the APC governors are opposing the federal government. Have been charged with doing so to spend the money they already have on hand to influence the election.