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BlueWallet Users Asked To Withdraw Funds As Bitcoin Node Connection Shuts Down



BlueWallet Users Asked To Withdraw Funds As Bitcoin Node Connection Shuts Down

BlueWallet is sunsetting its connection to, prompting users of the wallet’s Lightning Network to connect to other nodes in order to keep using the wallet’s services.

iexclusivenews reports that this shift is intended to promote greater levels of decentralization and self-custody solutions.

“The most important thing is that people don’t panic and suddenly noobs move out their on-chain funds or wrong lightning balances.”

Built on top of Bitcoin, the Lightning Network is a layer-2 payment system. Little sums of bitcoin, known as Satoshis or Sats, are sent via the LN, frequently utilizing a lightning wallet.

According to statistics from Amboss, Blue Wallet is a well-known LN wallet with over 42 BTC ($1 million) in liquid assets and a 4 BTC ($95,000) capacity on its biggest channel.

What You Should Know

BlueWallet, a popular lightning wallet, is frequently recommended by well-known Bitcoiners.

Calle continued; “It’s important to realize that lndhub is a protocol that helps you connect wallets to accounts. The wallet (in this case) is BlueWallet but other wallets also support LndHub (like Alby or Zeus).”

“The account is shutting down, not LndHub or Bluewallet itself. The account here is hosted by the BlueWallet team, and they don’t want to do this anymore.”

Users will still be able to withdraw their Sats, but they will no longer be able to create new Lightning wallets or refill existing ones on the LndHub node.

iexclusivenews understands that those that have sats linked to BlueWallet’s Lightning node have been advised to transfer them as soon as feasible by BlueWallet, according to public statements.

Users of BlueWallet must immediately transfer their funds to another service or wallet of their choice because the service will be discontinued on April 30. Nevertheless, this modification has no impact on standard Bitcoin wallets.