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BBTitans Eviction Blues Intensify As New Relationships Emerge



BBTitans: Eviction blues intensify as new relationships emerge

BBTitans eviction blues have finally begun, with Sandra and Theo (Sandtheo) being the first victims last Sunday. And Biggie has proposed the following pairings for this Sunday: Khosi and Miracle; Marvin and Yaya; Thabang and Nana; Blagboi and Ipeleng; and Jaypee and Lukay.

Sandra and Theo are the first to be shown out the door. Yet, the couple does not appear to have taken it seriously, as they blame each other for their dismissal.

Sandra Essien, a housemate, claims that being paired with Theo Traw caused her expulsion from the reality program. Sandra admitted to Ebuka Obi-Uchendu that she had worries about proceeding in the program after being paired with Traw, whom she characterized as a “nonchalant guy” in an interview.

“Yes. When I was matched with him. I was like, you have to take me out right now. “I felt like everything was about to be over,” she explained.

Housemate Theo Traw also complained about feeling ostracized during his time on the TV show. Traw told Ebuka following his expulsion that he felt like “the weird roommate.”

“I felt like they were continuously leaving me out of certain things.”

Yemi, Khosi, and Blue Aiva’s love triangle have persisted for the third week in a row. Yemi keeps his game clean between the two South African damsels, promising one thing and then another. We observed how he assured Khosi, his first love in the home, that Blue Aiva meant nothing to him, only to be caught kissing her goodbye while heading upstairs to sleep with Khosi.

Some claim that love or passion cannot exist without some type of jealousy. As a result, it was no surprise that Blue Aiva nominated Khosi and Miracle for eviction, despite Save Yemi and Nelisa having earned the Head of House seat.

Tsati and Kanaga, who pushed their passion to new heights by kissing each other incessantly, were perhaps the most talked about moment of the Thursday pool party.

Marvin’s deficiency

Marvin seemed to be unable to get it off the ground, as his private time was “wasted” with Jaypee pining for it. Several show fans couldn’t believe the muscular wouldn’t raise a muscle when the “sex-obsessed” Jaypee urged him to touch her in bed. Marvin was all show and no go.

” He just squandered an opportunity…. Marvin today is Friday, Sunday go soon reach, better accomplish this stuff”, followers cry on social media.