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Gunmen Attack Messi’s wife’s Business, Leave An Anonymous Message



Gunmen Attack Messi's wife's Business, Leave An Anonymous Message

On Thursday, two shooters opened fire on Lionel Messi‘s wife’s business before leaving a letter for the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner.

“Messi, we’re expecting you,” the scrawled message added. “Javkin is a narco; he will not look after you,” the message stated. According to India Today, the guys fired 14 bullets into the shop’s steel exterior. The remark was referring to Pablo Javkin, the mayor of Rosario, Messi’s hometown, which is 320 kilometers from Buenos Aires.

The mayor verified the business is owned by Antonela Roccuzzo, Messi’s wife, and added that the objective of the attack was “to cause disorder in the city.

Javkin stated that the goal was to garner attention, adding, “What story goes viral faster in the globe than an attack on Lionel Messi?”

Another spectator stated that the attacks occurred at 3 a.m., with one firing at the business and dumping the message before fleeing.

This has been “going on for some time,” according to Javkin, and the city has “five security groups functioning” in Rosario. Yet, the shooters are able to do such atrocities because “no one is after them.”

According to Ivan Gonzalez, the regional police assistant chief, the message is “not a threat,” but rather a tactic to “draw attention.” Nobody was wounded, and no one was on the premises.
Roccuzzo’s family had not received any threats before to this, according to Federico Rebola, the prosecutor in charge of the investigation. They have videos and photographs from surveillance cameras and are hunting for more.

According to reports, Rosario is becoming a drug trafficking hotspot.