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Peter Obi ‘Harassed, Detained’ by London Immigration Officers, See Why 



Peter Obi ‘Harassed, Detained’ by London Immigration Officers, See Why 

Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti’s Presidential Campaign Office has provided an explanation for the allegations that immigration officials harassed Peter Obi at Heathrow Airport in U.K.

Mr Obi was detained and questioned for a duplication offence, according to a statement from Campaign Council spokesman Diran Onifade on Wednesday. This suggests that someone has been using Obi’s name in London in an impersonation.

According to Onifade, the unprompted action of Nigerians at Heathrow Airport saved Obi, who had just returned from London, where he had celebrated Easter.

According to him, Obi arrived the Heathrow Airport in London from Nigeria on Good Friday, April 7, 2023, and joined the queue for the necessary airport protocols when he was accosted by immigration official who handed him a detention note and told him to step aside.

He said, “He was questioned for a long time and it was very strange for a man who lived for over a decade in that country.

“Since Obi’s face was already an international frame, especially for Nigerians, Africans home, and in Diaspora who are likely to be Obidients, the people quickly raised their voices wondering why he was being delayed,” Onifade added.

He adds that the immigration officers, who were also surprised by the crowd’s response, were compelled to inform the audience that Obi was being questioned.

He said, “Since the impersonator is still at large, the scenario is unimaginable as Obi could be implicated in a series of forbidden acts and even be framed in a manner that could be a huge embarrassment to him, his family, his party, the obidient Movement, and indeed Nigeria, where he currently and indisputably remains the conscience of the people.”

He continues by saying that the immigration officers, who were also taken aback by the response of the audience, were forced to let the spectators know that Obi was being interrogated.

Onifade expressed worry about the offense’s implication—that the impostor might be committing a range of serious crimes and other dubious acts and having them recorded in Obi’s name.

“Even Federal Government who directed him to go to court even despatched the Minister of Information Lai Mohammad to the United States to attempt at de-marketing him and accused him of treason.

“Obi’s telephone line was also bugged when they were possibly looking for information to portray him badly before a section of the country who had voted for him massively.

“As if they were not getting the desired results of denting his image, and possibly placing the traducers under a heavier conscience load, they tried to persuade him to leave the country and go take a rest.

“It’s also not impossible that those urging him to leave the country may have planted the impersonators ostensibly to tar the Eagle’s immaculate appearance.”

“The Obi-Datti Media office will like to therefore assure all persons of goodwill especially the Obidients that the Rock is not deterred as he is ready to suffer the pain and remain even more determined to pursue whichever path his creator destined for him in Nigeria.”