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Achraf Hakimi’s Divorce: Assets in Mother’s Name Prevent Payout



Achraf Hakimi’s Divorce: Assets in Mother’s Name Prevent Payout

Achraf Hakimi, the Paris Saint-Germain star has been making headlines recently, but not for his skills on the field. 

iexclusivenews reports that the Moroccan footballer’s divorce from his wife Hiba Abouk, has taken a dramatic turn. As she has failed to receive a payout due to Hakimi transferring his assets into his mother’s name. This move has left many questioning the legality and ethics of such actions.

The Paris Saint-German defender Achraf Hakimi left his wife, Hiba Abouk, empty-handed and without any alimony following a divorce application she filed over allegations of infidelity.

Hiba Abouk petitioned the court for the dissolution of their marriage, demanding half of the football star’s property as part of the divorce settlement.

However, iexclusivenews reports it was discovered that he had no assets. Achraf Hakimi had registered all his properties and assets under his mother, Sadia Mouth’s name. So legally, he is not worth a dime on paper

Upon separation, Abouk, 36, took her 24-year-old husband to court expecting to receive an equal share of his €70 million fortune.

However, she was informed that the assets belonged to his mother and that no such documents existed.

Hakimi, who earns €1 million per month, began dating his wife in 2018, when he was 19 and she was 31.

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What You Should Know:

The revelation of Hakimi’s asset transfer has sparked debate and speculation. Some view it as a clever move to protect his wealth, while others see it as an unethical attempt to avoid paying his fair share in the divorce settlement. The legality of such actions is also being called into question, with experts weighing in on the matter.”

As the divorce proceedings continue, many are left wondering what the outcome will be. Will Hakimi’s asset transfer be deemed legal and allow him to avoid paying a settlement to his ex-wife? Or will the court rule in favor of Abouk and order Hakimi to pay his fair share? Only time will tell.”

However, iexclusivenews recall that the star defender was accused of raping a woman he invited to his matrimonial home while his wife and family were in Dubai.

Last month, an investigation into the allegation leveled against the Moroccan International was launched.

Regardless of the outcome, the case of Achraf Hakimi and Hiba Abouk serves as a cautionary tale. It highlights the importance of transparency and fairness in divorce proceedings, and the potential consequences of attempting to hide or transfer assets. As the story continues to unfold, many will be watching with interest to see how it all plays out.”