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“Sounds of ALAT” is released by BUSINESSALAT by Wema

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"Sounds of ALAT" is released by BUSINESSALAT by Wema

The debut of “Sounds of ALAT,” a boot camp and creative workshop aimed at assisting emerging creatives in Nigeria’s entertainment industry, coincides with the six-year anniversary of ALAT by Wema, Africa’s first totally digital bank.

The competition, which will take place at Wema Bank’s Purple Academy from May 1 to May 5, 2023, will provide contestants with in-depth understanding of the industry and the chance to win up to five million naira for writing the next ALAT jingle.

"Sounds of ALAT" is released by BUSINESSALAT by Wema.

Celebrities, facilitators, and judges from all facets of the entertainment industry, such as scriptwriters, producers, recording artists, sound mixers, A&R talent managers, and enthusiasts, come together for the co-creation campaign known as Sounds of ALAT.

The workshop is a component of ALAT’s anniversary celebrations that aims to give back to society by assisting up-and-coming entertainers and young creatives.

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Simply download ALAT from the iOS or Play Store, post a one-minute video of your Sounds of ALAT demo to Instagram, tag @Alat ng, and use the hashtags #SoundsofALATEntries and #ALATat6 to get started. Out of the submitted entries, 50 will be chosen for the boot camp, and the top 10 will receive sufficient instruction from knowledgeable judges who are well-known personalities with backgrounds in the creative sector.

For the cash reward of N3 million for the winner, N2 million for the first runner-up, and N1 million for the second runner-up, along with different consolation prizes and branded goods, the top 3 competitors will present their jingle material.

"Sounds of ALAT" is released by BUSINESSALAT by Wema.

We are thrilled to help young creators in the entertainment business through Sounds of ALAT, according to the Head of Brand and Marketing Communications, Mabel Adeteye. The event will provide participants a chance to learn about the profession and display their skills. For further information, we invite those who are interested to visit or follow on all social media platforms.