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iFlytek Chinese AI Firm Launches Spark Model to Challenge ChatGPT



iFlytek Chinese AI Firm Launches Spark Model to Challenge ChatGPT

iFlytek, a state-subsidized Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) company, has launched Spark Model, an AI system designed to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

iexclusivenews reports that the technology was unveiled at a tech event in Hefei. “Spark Desk,” and iFlytek’s founder, Liu Qingfeng, claimed that Spark Model represents the “dawn of general artificial intelligence.”

Spark Model’s Capabilities and Timeline:

Although the details of the underlying technology are scarce, Liu Qingfeng stated that Spark Model’s capabilities are “far ahead of the existing system that can be measured in China.”

In addition, he claimed that the company’s research arm began working on Spark Model just six months ago, on Dec. 22, 2022.

He also announced that iFlytek would surpass ChatGPT in the Chinese language and reach the same level in English by October 10th.

Comparison with ChatGPT:

Comparisons between ChatGPT and similar models can be difficult to make without side-by-side benchmarking.

Furthermore, ChatGPT is banned in China, which limits OpenAI’s ability to train its models on Chinese languages and culture.

The current ban on ChatGPT in China has been described as potentially stifling, especially when compared to Hong Kong.


Where there’s no populace-wide ban on the use of technologies such as ChatGPT and cryptocurrency.

ChatGPT’s Popularity:

ChatGPT has become increasingly popular among cryptocurrency users and companies in Hong Kong and the West. Because it can generate code and help develop advanced trading bots and portfolio analysis.

If iFlytek’s proposed upgrades to the Spark Model give the company a leg up on OpenAI and ChatGPT, it would represent a monumental moment in tech.

The Spark Model has been in development for just six months, while OpenAI began developing the precursor to its GPT products in 2015.

However, iexclusivenews Nigeria understands that ChatGPT wasn’t launched until Nov. 30, 2022.