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5 Free ChatGPT and Generative AI Courses to Level Up Your Skills

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5 Free ChatGPT and Generative AI Courses to Level Up Your Skills

Tools like ChatGPT and Bard have proven to be not only fun but also highly useful in various aspects of our lives.

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, proficiency in the latest generation of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools is crucial.

To help you embrace this transformative technology and stay at the forefront of the field.

We have curated a list of high-quality courses that will serve as invaluable resources for honing your skills in generative AI and language models.

Join these free courses to unlock your potential and explore the limitless possibilities of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools.


1. ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers:

Learn how to leverage large language models (LLMs) to build powerful applications quickly in the “ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers” course.

This course, taught by Andrew Ng and Isa Fulford, introduces best practices for prompt engineering, provides insights into LLM workings, and offers practical examples for utilizing LLM APIs in various tasks.

From sentiment analysis to text summarization and grammar correction, you’ll gain the skills to create exceptional applications.

With step-by-step guidance and a hands-on Jupyter Notebook environment, you’ll master prompt engineering techniques regardless of your Python proficiency level.

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2. LangChain for LLM Application Development:

Enroll in the “LangChain for LLM Application Development” course to enhance your language models’ functionality in application development using the LangChain framework.

Led by Andrew Ng and LangChain co-founder Harrison Chase, this course equips you with vital skills such as prompt creation, response parsing, conversation memory usage, and question-answering over documents.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a model that serves as a solid foundation for further research and application development. While beginners are welcome, some familiarity with Python will be helpful.


3. How Diffusion Models Work:

For those interested in building diffusion models from scratch, the “How Diffusion Models Work” course is a must.

Designed for intermediate learners, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of diffusion-based generative AI models.

You’ll gain hands-on coding skills while developing your own diffusion model.

Explore sampling, training diffusion models, noise prediction neural networks, and personalized image generation with context.

Finish the course with a functional model ready for integration into your own applications.

Led by Sharon Zhou, this one-hour session combines practical examples and Jupyter Notebooks for effective learning.


4. Building Systems with the ChatGPT API:

Automate complex workflows by mastering the “Building Systems with the ChatGPT API” course. In this concise training, you’ll learn how to make API calls to a powerful language model, enabling seamless interaction with ChatGPT.

Through a series of prompts and completions, you’ll develop skills for Python program communication, customer support chatbot creation, user query classification, safety assessment, and multi-step reasoning.

Taught by Andrew Ng and Isa Fulford, this one-hour session builds on the concepts covered in “ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers” (although it’s not a prerequisite).

The course incorporates Jupyter Notebooks and practical examples for enhanced comprehension and exploration.


5. Introduction to ChatGPT:

DataCamp offers the comprehensive “Introduction to ChatGPT” course, providing essential knowledge for effective and responsible use of ChatGPT.

Suitable for users of all skill levels, this course covers ChatGPT’s capabilities, limitations, integration opportunities, and best practices.

Divided into two modules, “Interacting with ChatGPT” (free) and “Adopting ChatGPT” (available for purchase or via a DataCamp subscription).

This course empowers you to confidently apply ChatGPT in various situations, increasing your speed and efficiency across a wide range of tasks.



By enrolling in these five free ChatGPT and generative AI courses, you can take your skills to the next level and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of language models and automation.

Whether you want to build powerful applications, enhance language model functionality, understand diffusion models, automate workflows, or gain a comprehensive introduction to ChatGPT, these courses offer valuable insights and practical knowledge.

From prompt engineering to API usage and advanced model development, each course is designed to equip you with the skills necessary to excel in the field of generative AI.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these courses and unlock your potential in the exciting world of ChatGPT and generative AI. Start your learning journey today and embrace the transformative power of language models and automation.