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Anita Brown American Pornstar ‘Pregnant for Davido’



Anita Brown American Pornstar Pregnant for Davido Posts Pregnancy Test Online

Anita Brown American Pornstar and Bi-coastal entrepreneur aka Nina the Elite, has announced being pregnant for Nigerian music star Davido.

Anita showed herself doing a urine pregnancy test in an Instagram video, admitting she had already had a blood test.

Nina posted videos of her in what looked like backstage at Davido’s concert in 2018, claiming they have been “off and on up until the pandemic in which then I was in a long relationship.”

“What really kills me is this married men narrative that you all are dragging like, oh I am dealing with a married man, cut it out, no I did not know he was married on God, I did not know her was married, like go to his page does it look like he is married like I am confused,” she said.

She claimed to be unaware of Davido’s bereavement until recently.

“Rest in peace to the child, people knew about the baby, but nobody knew he got married. I am in America, nobody here knew is not on the blogs is not a big thing, and I am tell you I didn’t know,” stated Anita.

“I wasn’t checking for it because I am not looking to get married. I actually found out after I was pregnant, so cut it out. I may be a fornicator but never an adulterer.”

Anita added, “Nobody is out here trying to allegedly mess up somebody’s marriage that is already messed up. That’s none of my business. I don’t want to take nobody’s space because they can only be one me.”

Davido’s manager, Asika, did not respond to Peoples Gazette’s request for comments on the pornstar’s claims.

Source: Peoples Gazette