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Man Allegedly Uses Inherited $40k On Beyoncé Tickets For His Girlfriend



Poor Man Uses Inherited $40k On Beyoncé Tickets For His Girlfriend


A Twitter user shared a story about a 24-year-old guy who earns minimum wage, resides with his mother, and lacks a car but used the $40k inherited from his grandfather to buy Beyoncé tickets for himself and his girlfriend.


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The man who is a barber told this story to his customer looking rather pleased with himself, even shows the customers pictures of the tickets and receipts. During his story, he made it known that his mother knows he inherited money but doesn’t know the amount and he’s never going to tell her about the extravagant spending.




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The story in full;

@TheAlmightyJT tweeted

“Dude at the barbershop today said he spent $40k on Beyoncé tickets for him & his girl, even showed me the tickets on his phone with the receipt. He works minimum wage, lives with his mom & doesn’t have a car. Only reason he had the $40k is cause his grandpa just died & left him some inheritance. He’s 24 & she’s 21. They’ve been together for less than a year. Pray for this brother.


“Apparently the ONLY thing she wanted was to go see Beyoncé.. she said he didn’t have to get her anything for her birthday, Christmas or valentines as long as she got beyonce tickets. She even said she’d be happy if her just got her a ticket to go by herself. But he got tickets for both of them cause he wanted to share the experience with her.

“They asked what did his mom say & he said his mom doesn’t know and he’s never gonna tell her. But she’s gonna find out eventually cause she knows he got that inheritance & she’s gonna ask about it eventually & it’s not like he can put it back the next day.


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“Ima leave this here then I’m gonna really be done talking about this Some tickets for the ATL show tomorrow priced at about $15k each If you buy 2, after fees/taxes it comes to around $40k $20k for a Beyonce ticket is absolutely a real price It only takes 2 minutes of research to see that And just because you wouldn’t buy these, doesn’t mean there isn’t somebody else out there that will”


Awwwnnn!! he couldn’t just let her go alone because he wanted to save a few bucks… He might not have a car and still lives with his mum at 24 but he at least a very happy girlfriend… Hope she doesn’t expect him to pay for food and gift items at the concert.


Anyway, click here to see the savage comments Nigerians left on the Twitter post. E Choke!!!


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Apparently the person who made this post is a liar or Mr Barber got duped!!! Either way follow the link above to see how the story ends because there’s follow up…