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THRIFASK: Unveiling Divine Love – LYGHTE V by God’s Instruments Rock Band

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THRIFASK: Unveiling Divine Love - LYGHTE V by God's Instruments Rock Band

In the pulsating heart of rock music, within the harmonious convergence of lyrics and rhythm, there exists a love so profound that it defies earthly comprehension.

It’s a love known only to the divine, a love that flows through the veins of believers with heavenly strokes, leaving them spellbound in its overwhelming embrace. This ethereal love is the essence of THRIFASK, and it’s at the heart of LYGHTE V.

LYGHTE V: A Melodic Sojourn Through Faith and Music

An annual testament to the power of faith and rock, LYGHTE, hosted unfailingly by the esteemed God’s Instruments Rock Band (GIRB), stands as a beacon of spiritual awakening through the language of music. As we prepare to embark on the fifth chapter of this symphonic journey, LYGHTE V, we shine a spotlight on its central theme – THRIFASK.

Recapping the Path Traveled

Before we journey into the heart of THRIFASK, let’s take a moment to reflect on the resplendent path LYGHTE has traversed. LYGHTE I initiated our musical saga, igniting the innermost embers of our souls.

THRIFASK: Unveiling Divine Love - LYGHTE V by God's Instruments Rock Band

In LYGHTE II, we conquered the darkest fears within, for our music rendered us fearless. LYGHTE III saw us exploring the enigmatic and the extraordinary. LYGHTE IV, The End and The Beginning, underscored the cyclical nature of life and the promise of renewal through our shared love for music.


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THRIFASK: A Symphony of Thriving

And now, with LYGHTE V on the horizon, we set our sights on THRIFASK. Thriving isn’t a mere existence; it’s a flourishing, a radiant expression of life.

THRIFASK: Unveiling Divine Love - LYGHTE V by God's Instruments Rock Band

It’s experiencing a love that leaves you tantalizingly paralyzed, as expressed by our founder and lead singer: “There’s a kind of love that God only knows. I know this for certain cause I’ve experienced its flow.”

Join Us for a Memorable Evening

THRIFASK is an experience beyond words, an encounter with the divine through music. Therefore, we implore you not to miss this opportunity to be blessed. God’s Instruments Rock Band (GIRB) is thrilled to present LYGHTE V: THRIFASK – an unforgettable night of music, spirituality, and boundless thriving.


As we assemble for LYGHTE V, we exalt in the ability of music to transcend boundaries and communicate the ineffable love known only to the divine.

THRIFASK: Unveiling Divine Love - LYGHTE V by God's Instruments Rock Band

Together, we shall thrive, flourish, and shine brighter than ever before. Join us on this harmonious odyssey, and let the rapture of His love overflow within you.

“Welcome to LYGHTE V: THRIFASK – where faith finds its voice, and where love knows no limits.


[Mail: @godsinstrumentrockband.

Instagram: godsinstrumentrockband.

Contact: 09090830002-08166497198.

Location: Jesus Christ Standard Church{3, NASFAT Street, off Majiyagbe Church buss-stop. Ipaja Lagos.

Date: September 17th.

Time: 4:30-8:30.

Link Will Be disclosed Shortly.]

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