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Peter Obi Slams Tinubu for Ignoring Nigerians’ Welfare

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Peter Obi Slams Tinubu for Ignoring Nigerians' Welfare

ABUJA, (iexclusivenews) – The Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has criticized President Bola Tinubu for neglecting the welfare of Nigerians in his supplementary budget for 2023.

Peter Obi said that the budget did not address the urgent needs of the people, such as food security and social welfare, but instead focused on extravagant items such as a presidential yacht, jets, and SUVs.

Obi: Tinubu’s Budget Shows No Empathy for Nigerians

Obi, who is a former governor of Anambra State, said that the supplementary budget was a reflection of the government’s uncaring and insensitive attitude towards the suffering of the majority of Nigerians, and its indifference to the mood of the nation.

He said that the government should have made provisions for the impending hunger crisis that would affect up to 6.5 million Nigerians next year, according to the United Nations and the World Food Programme.

Peter Obi said that these Nigerians were mostly from the states of Sokoto, Adamawa, Borno, Yobe, and Zamfara, where insecurity and poverty were rampant.

Obi said that a caring government would have prioritized the welfare of the people, not the luxury of the few.

He said that the government’s lavish spending on items such as a mysterious presidential yacht, presidential jets, the furnishing of already lavish presidential quarters and offices, fleets of luxury SUVs.

And other extravagant expenditures showed that the government was not aware of the huge crisis that the country was facing, nor was it in tune with the plight of the general public.


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Peter Obi: Tinubu’s Budget Will Increase Nigeria’s Debt Burden

Obi also said that most of the funding for the government’s wasteful spending would be borrowed, adding to the already high debt burden of the nation.

He said that the government was mortgaging the future of the country for its own selfish interests.

Peter Obi said that the government should show empathy and realism, not lavish indulgence, at this difficult moment.

Obi called on the Nigerians to vote for a change in the 2023 presidential election, and to support his vision of a better Nigeria for all.

He said that he would run a government that would be accountable, transparent, and responsive to the needs of the people.

Peter Obi said that he would implement policies that would promote economic growth, social justice, and national unity.