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Rabbit AI Fights Back: Debunks Coffeezilla’s NFT Scam Allegations With Transparency



Rabbit AI Fights Back: Debunks Coffeezilla's NFT Scam Allegations With Transparency

iexclusivenews – In a recent turn of events, AI firm Rabbit has refuted allegations made by YouTube investigator Coffeezilla, who accused the company of facilitating an NFT scam and attempting to conceal it. Rabbit has come forward with a detailed response, providing clarity and transparency to set the record straight.

The Allegations

Coffeezilla, whose real name is Stephen Findeisen, accused Rabbit of rebranding from Cyber Manufacture to Rabbit without proper disclosure and alleged that the company’s founder and CEO, Jesse Lyu, failed to deliver on promises made to the Gama NFT project’s supporters. Findeisen also labeled the company’s new Rabbit R1 AI product as “overhyped” and similar to the NFT project, which he called a “scam.”

Rabbit’s Response

A Rabbit spokesperson denied the allegations, stating that the company has been transparent about its rebranding and shift into AI.

They clarified that Rabbit and the Gama project were separate ideas and ventures under the same company and that the rebranding from Cyber Manufacturing was publicly announced in a tech media article in 2023.

The spokesperson also highlighted that over 80% of Rabbit’s current employees joined after December 2023, a few months after its rebrand.

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Gama Project and Open-Sourcing

The spokesperson emphasized that the Gama project had already concluded when it was open-sourced, and that Jesse Lyu strongly disputes Coffeezilla’s allegations that he and the Gama team were not forthright about the open-sourcing of the project.

They stated that Lyu has a long history as an entrepreneur and was involved in a range of projects, including Gama, which ended before he started Rabbit.

Rabbit R1 AI Product

Regarding Findeisen’s comments on the Rabbit R1, the company’s spokesperson said that they are receiving use cases and feedback from users every day.

They claimed that 10,000 users who received the product have generated over 600,000 interactions in the last thirty days and that the company has released updates addressing feedback and is launching new features.

Conclusion: Rabbit AI has vehemently denied Coffeezilla’s allegations, providing a detailed response to set the record straight. With transparency and clarity, the company has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. As the AI industry continues to evolve, it’s essential to separate facts from fiction and support companies that prioritize transparency and accountability.

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