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June 12: President Tinubu Falls During Democracy Day Parade (Video)



June 12: President Tinubu Falls During Democracy Day Parade (Video)

ABUJA, (iexclusivenews) In a surprising turn of events, President Bola Tinubu experienced a mishap during the June 12 Democracy Day parade at Eagle Square.

This incident, captured on video, has quickly gone viral, sparking widespread reactions and discussions.

 The Incident

On Wednesday, during the Democracy Day celebrations, President Tinubu attempted to mount the presidential parade vehicle.

Unfortunately, he missed his steps and tumbled almost flatly onto the vehicle’s floor.

His security details promptly assisted him, ensuring he was back on his feet in no time.


Credit: TVC

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Significance of Democracy Day

Democracy Day is a significant national event in Nigeria, marking the country’s return to civil rule after years of military dictatorship.

This year’s celebration is particularly noteworthy as it commemorates the 25th anniversary of Nigeria’s stable democratic governance.

Traditional Parade

It is customary for the president to tour the venue of the Democracy Day event in a ceremonial vehicle, greeting guests and dignitaries. This tradition symbolizes the unity and progress of the nation under democratic rule.

What Should You Know

The incident involving President Tinubu has added an unexpected twist to this year’s Democracy Day celebrations. While the fall was unfortunate, it has not overshadowed the importance of the day, which remains a testament to Nigeria’s enduring commitment to democracy.


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