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Fubara Orders Audit of LG Accounts Amid Political Crisis



Fubara Orders Audit of LG Accounts Amid Political Crisis

iexclusivenews – In a bold move aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability, Rivers State Governor Siminalayi Fubara has directed the state’s auditor general to conduct a thorough audit of the accounts of all 23 Local Government Areas (LGAs) over the past three years.

This decision comes amidst a backdrop of political turmoil gripping the state, making it a critical step in ensuring good governance.

Political Crisis and Accountability

The ongoing political crisis in Rivers State has underscored the need for rigorous financial oversight.

By initiating this audit, Governor Fubara seeks to address concerns about financial mismanagement, irregularities, and potential corruption within the LGAs.

The audit serves as a preemptive measure to hold incoming officials accountable and safeguard public funds.

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The Role of Caretaker Committee Chairmen

As part of the process, the newly appointed Caretaker Committee Chairmen for each LGA were sworn in.

Governor Fubara emphasized that these officials should not perceive themselves as superheroes but rather as stewards of the people’s interests.

Their primary duty is to ensure that the government’s trust in their appointment is justified.

Governor Fubara reiterated that the current events are a direct consequence of democracy.

The fight against tenure extension is not limited to Rivers State alone; it has broader implications for the entire country.

Allowing extended tenures in one state could set a precedent for other regions, potentially affecting governance nationwide.

Contrary to misconceptions, Rivers State’s reliance on caretaker committees is not unusual.

Many states across Nigeria also operate under similar arrangements.

These committees play a crucial role in maintaining administrative continuity during transitions and elections.

Balancing Tenure Length

Governor Fubara assured that the caretaker chairmen’s tenure would not be unduly prolonged.

The impending local government area elections will mark the transition to elected officials.

However, during their tenure, the chairmen must prioritize stability, service delivery, and financial prudence.

Governor Fubara unequivocally denounced violence as a means of achieving political goals.

His approach emphasizes dialogue, negotiation, and adherence to due process.

Additionally, he urged the officials to promptly address outstanding issues, including salaries and entitlements owed to outgoing chairmen.

Meet the Nominees

The governor’s carefully selected caretaker chairmen represent a diverse cross-section of the state.

Here are the nominees:

  1. Abua/Odua LGA: Madigai Dickson

  2. Ahoada East LGA: Happy Benneth

  3. Ahoada West LGA: Mr. Daddy John Green

  4. Akuku Toru LGA: Otonye Briggs

  5. Andoni LGA: Reginald Ekaan

  6. Asari Toru LGA: Orolosoma Amachree

  7. Bonny LGA: Alabota Anengi Barasua

  8. Degema LGA: Anthony Soberekon

  9. Eleme LGA: Brain Gokpa

  10. Emouha LGA: David Omereji

  11. Etche LGA: John Otamiri

  12. Gokana LGA: Kenneth Kpeden

  13. Ikwerre LGA: Darlington Orji

  14. Khana LGA: Marvin Yobana

  15. Obia/Akpor LGA: Chijioke Ihunwo

  16. Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGA: Princewill Ejekwe

  17. Ogu/Bolo LGA: Evans Bipi

  18. Okrika LGA: Princess Ogan

  19. Omuma LGA: Promise Reginald

  20. Opobo/Nkoro LGA: Enyiada Cookey-Gam

  21. Oyigbo LGA: Gogo Philip

  22. Port Harcourt LGA: Ichemati Ezebunwo

  23. Tai LGA: Matthew Dike

These individuals will play a crucial role in ensuring effective governance and responsible administration within their respective LGAs.

As Rivers State embarks on this audit journey, it reaffirms its commitment to transparent governance. The careful scrutiny of financial records will pave the way for a more accountable and efficient local administration. Citizens can expect greater responsiveness and improved services as the state moves forward.


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