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Portable Slams Dapo Abiodun Over Deplorable State of Roads



Portable Slams Dapo Abiodun Over Deplorable State of Roads

OGUN, (iexclusivenews) Popular Nigerian artiste Habeeb Okikiola, widely known as ‘Portable‘, has ignited a firestorm of controversy with his recent social media outburst.

Portable took to X (formerly Twitter) to voice his frustration over the abysmal state of roads in Ogun State, particularly in his residential area along the Sango-Iyana Ilogbo road.

This exposé has thrust the issue of crumbling infrastructure into the national spotlight, leaving many to question the efficacy of local governance.

The Viral Video That Shook Social Media

In a gripping video that quickly went viral, Portable can be seen struggling to extricate his vehicle from a treacherous pothole.

The footage provides a stark visual representation of the daily challenges faced by residents navigating the dilapidated roads.

Portable’s impassioned plea resonated with many viewers as he lamented that the poor road conditions could “send him to an early grave.”

The contrast between Portable’s recent experiences couldn’t be more striking.

Fresh from a visit to the United States, the artiste expressed shock and disappointment at the lack of development in his home state.

This juxtaposition of infrastructures highlights the urgent need for improvement in Nigeria’s road network.

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Sango-Iyana Ilogbo Road: A Symbol of Neglect

Portable’s criticism zeroed in on the Sango-Iyana Ilogbo road, which he claims has been left in a state of disrepair for years.

This particular stretch has become emblematic of the wider infrastructure crisis plaguing Ogun State, serving as a rallying point for public discontent.

The artiste’s outburst has reignited public scrutiny of Governor Dapo Abiodun’s administration.

Portable directly called on the governor to address the dire state of the roads, adding his voice to a growing chorus of dissatisfied residents.

This public callout has amplified existing criticisms of the government’s handling of infrastructure projects.

A History of Promises and Public Outcry

It’s worth noting that Governor Abiodun’s administration had previously announced plans for a massive rehabilitation and reconstruction project targeting many of the state’s roads.

However, the gap between these promises and the reality on the ground has led to increased public skepticism and frustration.

Portable’s intervention demonstrates the significant impact celebrities can have in bringing attention to social issues.

By leveraging his platform, the artiste has succeeded in elevating a local concern to national prominence, potentially catalyzing action from authorities.

As pressure mounts on the Ogun State government to address these infrastructure challenges, all eyes are on Governor Abiodun’s next move.

Will this public outcry lead to meaningful action, or will it be another bump in the long road to development?

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the people of Ogun State are demanding change, and their voices are growing louder by the day.

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