30 People Arrested For Fraud As EFCC Officers Raids A Hotel In Lagos.

30 People Arrested For Fraud As EFCC Officers Raids A Hotel In Lagos.
30 People Arrested For Fraud As EFCC Officers Raids A Hotel In Lagos.


Iexclusive News Nigeria reports that during a raid on Parktonian Hotel in the Lekki district of Lagos State, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission apprehended 30 individuals.


The operatives allegedly obtained access to the occupants’ rooms by snatching the master cards from the hotel’s administration at gunpoint.


When the operatives got access to the rooms, it was discovered that several of the inmates were naked beneath the covers.


One of the victims, while lamenting the invasion, told the Peoples Gazette, “I was naked, and I had to beg them (for me) to put something on. I am actually hypertensive, but I put myself together because I am not a criminal in any way.”


An eyewitness said to the publication, “They broke into the hotel and threatened to shoot the receptionists and management workers if they didn’t immediately release the master access card to them. So, the hotel workers had to comply immediately.”


During the raid, the EFCC officers reportedly hauled away no less than 13 guests, according to the publication at the Lagos hotel.


The EFCC’s spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren, later confirmed the raid in a statement.


According to him, the operators acted on validated intelligence targeting suspects at the Parktonian Hotel, and 30 people were arrested as a result of the raid.


He said, “Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, acting on verified intelligence, carried out a sting operation targeted at cybercrime suspects at Parktonian Hotel in the Lekki area of Lagos State in the early hours of Tuesday.


“During the exercise, 30 suspects were arrested. Of this number, 24 have been established to be involved in internet-related fraud. The operation was executed without incident as the facility had been under surveillance for weeks during which the commission was able to isolate the rooms where the suspects were lodged.


“Access to the rooms was seamless as the commission has standard procedure for accessing such facilities without application of force or discomfort to guests. No guest of the hotel was molested.


“But the commission observes a disturbing trend in which cybercrime suspects now employ kept ladies who feign nakedness as a decoy to distract operatives of the commission to enable them to destroy incriminating evidence before arrest.”