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Abure: NLC Leaders Stole Workers’ Salaries During Picketing 



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iexclusivenews – Comrade Julious Abure, the National Chairman of the Labour Party, has publicly accused Joe Ajaero’s Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) of embezzling funds during their recent siege of the Labour Party’s national secretariat.

Details of the Accusation

Abure alleges that the NLC leadership not only unlawfully occupied the party’s headquarters but also pilfered monies intended for staff salaries.

He vehemently denounced the incident as a disgraceful display of thuggery and a blatant disregard for the rule of law.


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The Impact of the Alleged Theft

The Labour Party’s statement, delivered by Abure and endorsed by Obiora Ifoh, the party’s National Publicity Secretary, asserts that the NLC’s actions resulted in significant property damage and the loss of substantial funds.

Abure warns that such behavior could potentially derail the Labour Party’s achievements in the 2023 general elections.

NLC’s Rebuttal to the Allegations

In a sharp retort, Professor Theophilus Udubuaku, Acting Chairman of the NLC’s Political Commission, labeled Abure’s allegations as outright lies.

Udubuaku accused Abure of conveniently forgetting past events, specifically the NLC’s role in his ascension to power within the Labour Party.

He further discredited Abure’s claims by highlighting the presence of law enforcement and media during the incident, suggesting that any theft would have been impossible to conceal.

The Role of the Press in the Controversy

The NLC’s Political Commission has called upon the media to maintain its journalistic integrity by verifying the facts of the case.

They emphasize the importance of the press in holding individuals accountable for their statements and in separating truth from deception.

As the controversy unfolds, the Labour Party and the NLC find themselves locked in a battle of narratives, with the truth hanging in the balance.

The media’s investigative role is crucial in shedding light on the actual events and ensuring that the public remains well-informed.

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