Antivirus Pioneer John Mcafee Discovered Dead In Spanish Jail

Antivirus Pioneer John Mcafee Discovered Dead In Spanish Jail
Antivirus Pioneer John Mcafee Discovered Dead In Spanish Jail

Antivirus Pioneer John Mcafee Discovered Dead In Spanish Jail


McAfee was arrested last October at the international airport in Barcelona on a tax evasion charges, which are pending in federal court in Tennessee.

Which carry a maximum potential sentence of 30 years in jail.

iexclusive News Nigeria report that the antivirus software tycoon John McAfee apparently hanged himself in a Spanish jail cell on Wednesday just hours after a court ruled he would be extradited to face federal charges in the United State.

Tennessee prosecutors had argued that McAfee owed the U.S. government $4,214,105 in taxes before fines or interest for undeclared income within the five fiscal years from 2014 to 2018, according to a Spanish court document seen by AP.

John McAfee died shortly after Spain’s National Court approved his extradition to the United States to face federal felony tax evasion charges.

He is alleged to have intentionally failed to file tax returns between 2014 and 2018, despite earning millions from consulting work, cryptocurrencies and promoting the rights to his life story.

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McAfee antivirus software creator found dead in Spanish prison | CTV News

In recent years, McAfee had frequently claimed that there was a conspiracy against him.

John McAfee was detained in Spain after a notification was sent out from Interpol, who had included him on their list of most-wanted individuals after a request from the United States.

After an investigation by the National Police, investigators found that he had traveled to Germany, from where he had returned on a private jet that landed in the airport in Reus, in Tarragona. A picture that he himself posted on social media helped to locate him within the area.

In March, he was charged in a Manhattan federal court over a pump and dump scheme involving cryptocurrencies he was selling to his massive social media followers.

John McAfee, the creator of the McAfee virus software program, was arrested last October at Barcelona’s international airport as he was about to board a flight to Istanbul.

McAfee’s lawyer told the Reuters news agency on Wednesday evening that McAfee had apparently hanged himself in his prison cell.

In a press release, the Catalan justice department said that prison officers and medics had tried to save the life of the 75-year-old man but was unsuccessful.

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo first reported that the Catalan Justice Department had said John McAfee, 75, died within hours of the extradition ruling. “Guards and medical workers intervened immediately to perform resuscitation measures but doctors eventually certified his death,” the statement added.

The court’s ruling was made public on Wednesday and was open for appeal, with any final extradition order needing to get approval from the Spanish Cabinet.

He spent time in Guatemala, after which he moved to Montreal, Canada, where he worked on a documentary about his life.

He ran for US president in 2016 as a Libertarian, and launched a brand new security product that he called “a f—ing game changer.”

John McAfee said in 2019 that he had not paid U.S. income taxes for eight years for ideological reasons.

In a hearing earlier this month he had argued that the charges against him were politically motivated and that he would spend the rest of his life in jail if he was returned to the united states.

 A judge ordered that McAfee should be held in jail while awaiting the outcome of his extradition proceedings.

Conspiracy theorists have already seized on John McAfee’s death, editing his Wikipedia web page to state he was murdered.

McAfee’s apparent suicide comes after he shared tweets about the concerning poor conditions in prison, stating “there is much sorrow in jail, disguised as hostility”.

John McAfee found dead in prison after Spanish court permits extradition |  News | DW | 23.06.2021

In July 2019, he was released from detention in the Dominican Republic after he and 5 others were suspected of traveling on a yacht carrying high-calibre weapons, ammunition and military-style gear, officials in the Caribbean island said at the time.

John McAfee spent 12 months in Mexico driving across the country in a truck, selling jewels and drugs until he ended up in Silicon Valley.

The Securities and Exchange Commission in a civil lawsuit last October accused McAfee of making more than $23 million in undisclosed income from false and misleading cryptocurrency recommendations.

McAfee’s own father, who has been described as an abusive alcoholic, reportedly shot himself to death when McAfee was 15 years old.

“This is the end result of a cruel system that had no reason to keep this man in jail for so long,” Villalba told Reuters.