Asari Dokubo Mocks Nnamdi Kanu, You’re A Conman

Asari Dokubo Mocks Nnamdi Kanu
Asari Dokubo Mocks Nnamdi Kanu, You're A Conman
Asari Dokubo Mocks Nnamdi Kanu, You’re A Conman


Asari Dokubo, Former Niger Delta insurgent has mocked Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, over his re-arrest by the federal government.


iexclusive News Nigeria recalls Dokubo pledging to eliminate Kanu, whom he labeled as “evil” and accusing him of deceiving Biafrans.


In his most recent video, the ex-militant warlord Asari Dokubo stated that the IPOB leader received defense funds without accounting for them.


Asari Dokubo further claimed that Kanu required monthly payments from all Biafrans in order to be a part of the Biafra nation when it was realized.


”I promised you, Nnamdi Kanu, that I will smoke you out. Your insanity has never begun, but this one has begun, and he is currently on his way to the market.


You have injured Biafrans and traded extensively with us.


”You take our money in the name of defense funds and refuse to account for it.


”You demand that all Biafrans pay you money on a monthly basis or they would be denied entry into Biafra.


Isn’t that what a con guy or an extortionist is?


”You claimed that you paid me N20 million; the footage does not lie.


You were so cowardly not to answer me when I expressed it last year, leading up to the election.


“I have never been a member of IPOB; you handed me N20 million; tell us if it was by bank transfer or cash, and who delivered the cash to me. I’m standing by.


 “Produce the evidence,” he said to Nnamdi Kanu.


Dokubo, on the other hand, challenged Nnmadi Kanu to demonstrate to Nigerians what he does for a living.


“Where do you work? Who is paying your salary? Where do you acquire the money to go gallivanting across the world? Do you choose money? Do you make your own money? Or does money just fall from the sky? You’re a swindler and a liar.


“You referred to me as a pipeline contractor; yeah, we make billions. So, what are you doing?” he inquired.


The feud between the former Niger Delta warlord and Kanu was caused by ideological differences on the quest for the actualization of Biafra.


Following their disagreement, Dokubo formed the Biafra Customary Government (BCG).