Baba Ijesha Denied Bail By The Court

Baba Ijesha Denied Bail By The Court
Baba Ijesha Denied Bail By The Court
Baba Ijesha Denied Bail By The Court


Olarenwaju James nicknamed Baba Ijesha, a prominent Yoruba actor, has been denied bail by the Yaba magistrates’ court.

Baba Ijesha Denied Bail By The Court

iexclusive News Nigeria report that The bail of famed Yoruba actor Olarenwaju James nicknamed Baba Ijesha has been denied by the Yaba magistrates’ court.

On Wednesday, Baba Ijesha, who had been in police detention for almost a month, was arraigned.

Baba Ijesha requested bail through his lawyer, Kayode Olabiran, due to his deteriorating health.

Magistrate P. E Nwaka stated Baba Ijesha’s bail application was outside the court’s authority, noting that the prosecution had launched a case against him in a higher court.

The magistrate continued, “The defendant must be given proper medical attention by the authorities pending his arraignment in the high court.”

Mr. Nwaka postponed the case until July 13 for further consideration.

Baba Ijesha was charged with indecent treatment of a child, defilement of a child, sexual assault by penetration, attempted sexual assault by penetration, and sexual assault in violation of Lagos State Criminal Law 2015 sections 135, 137, 261, 202, 262, and 263.

The accusations against Baba Ijesha were dismissed after he entered a not guilty plea.

Yetunde Cardoso, the case’s lead officer, informed journalists, “We have currently turned over to the DPP.” As a result, the case is now before the court (DPP). It no longer has anything to do with the cops. It’s now up to the DPP to deal with it.


“Mr Olanrewaju was granted bail during the JUSUN strike, but he was unable to meet the restrictions imposed, and he was duly prosecuted today.”


Baba Ijesha was arrested on April 22 for defiling a minor. On May 4, the Lagos government filed a criminal complaint against him.