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sw2

BBNaija S6: See What Saga Could Do if Nini Fails To Return – Cross

BBNaija S6: See What Saga Could Do if Nini Fails To Return – Cross


Cross, a BBNaija Season 6 housemate, is concerned that if Nini does not return to the house, Saga may decide to go on his own.


During a conversation with Pere on Wednesday, Cross revealed this.


Pere had speculated that Saga and Nini had gotten into a disagreement, which resulted in her abrupt departure.


He went on to say that whatever had happened, Nini’s abrupt departure from the event was uncalled for.


Cross responded by saying that whatever transpired can only be explained better by the two of them.


Nini, he claims, is the only one who knows what Saga may have said to her that caused her to make the decision she did.


“When they had whatever conversation or altercation they might have had, no one was there with them.


“Only Nini is aware of what Saga told her. And based on his actions, I believe he is resentful of whatever he may have said. They are the only ones who are aware of whatever it is.


“But that guy isn’t in the best of shape, so I’m afraid he’ll want to leave voluntarily if she doesn’t return,” he remarked.


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