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BREAKING: Stabbing Attack On A Bus In Jerusalem Terrorist Neutralized



BREAKING: Stabbing Attack On A Bus In Jerusalem Terrorist Neutralized

Stabbing Attack – A 41-year-old man was stabbed in a suspected terrorist attack on a bus in Jerusalem Tuesday evening.

The attacker was neutralized by Ynet photographer Meshi Ben Ami who arrived at the scene and shot him.

המחבל המנוטרל

Police officers and civilians standing over the neutralized attacker

“I stopped my car and saw something that looked like someone was hitting someone else. I thought it was a brawl and got closer and realized it was some kind of a terrorist attack,” Ben Ami told Ynet.

“I got out of the car, loaded my gun, and I noticed it was indeed a terrorist attack. I saw someone bleeding, and then I approached the attacker, I did not hesitate, I fired one bullet and he fell to the floor. Security forces got there shortly after I neutralized him.”

First responders provided the victim with first aid before he was transferred to the capital’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center in moderate condition.

Paramedics Itay Shimonov and Netanel Lifshits said that they saw a man lying on the ground next to the bus while he was conscious and suffering from stab wounds.

“We provided him with life-saving medical treatment that included stopping the bleeding and bandages, and we quickly evacuated him on an ambulance to the hospital when his condition was stable,” they said.

המחבל המנוטרל

Police forces cordon off the scene of the attack in Jerusalem (Photo: Israel Police)

Ze’ev Sofer, a first respondent for United Hatzalah, told Ynet about the first moments after arriving at the scene.

“I arrived by car from downtown and saw something unclear. I saw a bus and someone was lying on the sidewalk on the right. I instinctively pulled over to help and heard somebody shout “terrorist attack” and “terrorist”. I saw a civilian with a gun and he told me that the terrorist was neutralized. The passengers on the bus fled.”

The Jerusalem District Police said it received a report about “a stabbing incident on a bus in the area of Ramot Junction. The stabber was neutralized, and large police forces were called to the scene.”

The police said that the circumstances of the event were still examined.