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Burna Boy Electrifies FirstBank DecemberIssaVybe Campaign With Sterling Performance  

Returning to Nigeria was my best decision

Burna Boy Electrifies FirstBank DecemberIssaVybe Campaign With Sterling Performance  

Burna Boy Grammy award winner electrified fans at the FirstBank Decemberissavybe campaign with a sterling performance at the ‘Burna Boy The Live Experience’.

The 30-year-old singer expressed how delighted he was to have relocated back to Nigeria at the concert.

The self-claimed ‘African Giant’ performed a catalog of his songs from 2012 to 2021 at the Eko Convention Center Lagos which was filled to the brim with fans.

FirstBank through its yearly DecemberIssaVybe campaign  unveiled the 2021 calendar of events earlier in December as it reiterates its impact on the arts and entertainment industry.

The campaign which started in 2018 has been making waves across the cities in the country and Nigerians.

Speaking on Burna Boy’s concert as one of the events lined up for campaign, the Group Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications,

FirstBank, Ms Folake Ani-Mumuney said: “We are delighted to be back with DecemberIssaVybe”.

“Burna Boy’s concert further shows that the 2021 edition is enriched with loads of impactful and celebratory activities as we witness the year-end.

“As a bank woven into the fabric of society, we have ensured that the events are spread across the country and there is an event for everyone, irrespective of age.

“We remain committed through resourceful partnerships to nation building; empowering all including the youth to achieve their dreams as these events promote the continued growth of the entertainment industry, unarguably an economic game-changer in the global business landscape, especially a country like ours that is blessed with talents and amazing creative minds,’’ she concluded.

Here are some of the highlights from his performance:

Returning to Nigeria was my best decision

Amid his performance, the Burna Boy proudly told fans that the best decision he has ever made was returning to Nigeria. “Coming back home is the best decision I’ve made.” He took the opportunity to thank his fans for the love shown towards him since his career berthed.

Practise What You Preach

The African Giant was reborn when Burna Boy decided to practise what he preaches. For his first outfit of the night, Burna was dressed like a full African royalty. He was decked in a tuxedo adorned with a Gorilla fur design on both arms. And he swayed from left to right as he elegantly showed off the richness of African tradition.

The African Giant

The Nation observed the high point of Burna Boy’s 3-hour long concert was when he showed that truly his aim is to unite Africans in Africa through entertainment. During the show, Burna Boy invited his African collaborators ‘Black Sherif’ and the ‘Yaba Buluku’ singers on stage to perform alongside him. The moment was one of the memorable moments of the night.

And fans got a thank you message

Burna Boy performed so many songs from his classics which saw the fans singing along. After the show, he appreciated his fans for coming through and the love they’ve shown him thus far. Burna Boy returned to Nigeria after leaving the United Kingdom to continue his quest for fame and stardom. His decision paid off after the hit single, ‘Like to party’ kicked off his career in full swing in 2012.

Written by Gbenga Bada and Sampson Unamka

Culled from The Nation

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