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Champions League Draw: Real Madrid Reacts, Slams UEFA

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Champions League Draw: Real Madrid Reacts, Slams UEFA

Champions League Draw – Real Madrid has reacted to the new Round of 16 draws.

According to ESPN, the Los Blancos called the draws “shameful” and accused UEFA of “lying” after they were paired with Paris Saint-Germain.

In the first round of the draw, the LaLiga giants were matched with Benfica, and they begged with UEFA to keep the pairings intact.

This was due to the fact that Real Madrid and Benfica were drawn together first in the draw, and the incident that caused the draw to be annulled occurred after they had been removed.

UEFA, on the other hand, ignored Real Madrid’s appeal and proceeded with a whole new draw, which pitted Carlo Ancelotti’s side against PSG.

It means they’ll face Sergio Ramos, their former captain, and Lionel Messi, their old adversary.

For the fourth time in a European tournament, Real Madrid will meet PSG in the knockout stage.

Recall that UEFA was obliged to declare the Round of 16 Champions League draw void on Monday morning due to a series of errors made throughout the procedure.