Chidinma Is A ‘criminal,’ As Police React To New Claims

Chidinma Is A 'criminal,'
Chidinma is a 'criminal,' as police reacts to new claims
Chidinma is a ‘criminal,’ as police react to new claims


Hakeem Odumosu, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, has dismissed the latest accusations made by Chidinma Ojukwu, the alleged assassin of Super TV’s Chief Executive Officer, Usifo Ataga, as an “afterthought.”


iexclusive News Nigeria reports that the undergraduate denied killing the CEO of Super TV in a video that went viral on Monday, contradicting her first confession.


According to her, they deadlocked the room before she left, but she was astonished to return and discover that it was still unlocked.


Additionally, she added that she escaped with a suitcase holding his credentials since she was at a loss for what to do now that he had died.


“I walked out to purchase lunch, but when I returned, I saw that someone had already broken in due to the unlocked door.


“The duvet and pillows were on the floor, the couch faced the door, and the bed was already splattered with blood.


“The room was already disorganized as if someone had broken in, and when I saw him on the floor, I was at a loss for what to do, which is why I collected my belongings and his ATM and fled,” she explained.


In response, Odumosu stated in a statement that the police taped the suspect during her confession.


“That is a characteristic of an active criminal; she was here, and she was documented. We filmed her at the state CIID the night she was detained, as well as the lady who rented the property to her. If she has an afterthought at this point, the investigation will establish that” he said.


He also asked the public to dismiss the new interview, stating that Chidinma remained a key suspect regardless of what was said in the video.