Citizens’ Safety and National Security are Improved by NCC’s Emergency Communications Centres-  Danbatta

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NCC Approves 3 Bidders For 3.5Ghz Spectrum Auction
Citizens’ Safety and National Security are Improved by NCC’s Emergency Communications Centres-  Danbatta

Iexclusivenews Nigeria reports that Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has stated that the Commission’s Emergency Communications Centres (ECC) have become a rallying point for the promotion of citizen security.

He also revealed that in the first eight months of the year, the ECCs, which are currently operating in 23 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Abuja, processed nearly 34 million calls related to security and emergency concerns.

Danbatta made this disclosure while delivering a goodwill message at the 17th edition of All Nigerian Editors’ Conference which is ongoing at the Nigerian Air Force Conference Centre, Abuja. The theme of the conference is, “Media in Times of Crises: Resolving Conflict, Achieving Consensus” The EVC stated at the conference, which was organized by the Nigerian Guild of Editors, that the media has always been at the forefront of advocating for ideals that are ennobling, edifying, and unifying.

As a result, he urged media professionals to continue to serve as a rallying point for unity and security in the country by acting as watchdogs in a professional and ethical manner.

He added that honest, balanced reporting of national concerns, particularly those touching on conflict and security issues, would encourage economic development, fight corruption, and eventually improve the country’s security of people and property.

Danbatta, on the other hand, noted that the NCC is helping to improve national security by establishing ECCs, which provide a lifeline to residents in times of hardship.

According to the EVC, there are 23 states in the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) with operational ECCs, and the centers have had a significant positive impact on Nigerians’ lives.

“In addition to the 23 already established and functioning ECCs, the Commission will soon activate ECCs in nine (9) more states, and also plan to inaugurate similar project in the remaining four (4) states by end of 2022, in keeping with Federal Government’s directive,” he said.

Over 1,500 calls linked to COVID-19-related incidents were received and processed by the Centres in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in Nigeria, according to the EVC.

“The Centres provided a platform for members of the public to seek life-saving information and support with regards to COVID-19 related cases by dialing ‘112’ from any of the networks.

More remarkably, Nigerians have become more aware of and are using the 122 Emergency Number.

Between January and August, 2021, about 34 million calls were made by Nigerians, who were seeking succor during emergencies or under other security threats and unrest within their communities,” he added.

In recognition of the importance of NCC’s emergency center projects to national security and economic growth, the Senate, Nigeria’s national upper legislative chamber, recently passed a bill to establish the Nationwide Emergency Communications Service, with 112 as the primary toll-free emergency number for the country.

He reaffirmed the Commission’s commitment to putting in place various national digital economy policies and regulatory frameworks aimed at expanding digitalization and democratizing public access to communication facilities.