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Destiny Amaka: Ladies can demand sex from men

Destiny Amaka: Ladies can demand sex from men


Nollywood actress, Destiny Amaka said women should not wait for men to initiate sex most of the time.

Destiny Amaka: Ladies can demand sex from men

To her, ladies should learn the habit of making the first move any time they feel like having sex.


In an encounter with Saturday Sun, Amaka who doubles as an OAP and sex instructor, chips in this advice:


 “Ladies, it’s okay to initiate sex with your partner. A real man won’t think any less of you if you do. In fact, men like women who know what they want and go for it. Just keep it classy and sexy when demanding sex. You can also be nasty if that is how you feel. Express yourself, ladies. However, also make sure you are in an honest commitment and always have safe sex.”


The script interpreter did not stop there. She equally spoke on the best time for ladies to have sex. Hear her:

“Another quick tip; morning is the perfect time for sex. This is because, quite frankly, your body is ready for it.”


While reacting to the alarming rate of rape in Nigeria, the star of Doll House says though, she’s been fortunate not to have fallen a victim, some women around her have been raped.


“I’ve been fortunate enough not to have experienced rape, but I have women close to me who have. If you’re a victim, speak out but be sure to make peace with yourself, accept it and know that it is not your fault. Once you can stop blaming yourself, it’s easier to stand your ground if no one believes you,” she buttressed.


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