Doctors are perplexed as a young girl sheds stone tears from one eye

Stone tears
Doctors are perplexed as a young girl sheds stone tears from one eye

Iexclusivenews Nigeria reports that adolescent girl who sheds stone tears perplexes doctors. She cries little rocks from one eye.

The 15-year-old girl from Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, is at the center of a unique medical enigma, with experts suggesting that her illness is untreatable.

Stone tears

When she cries, her family claims that between 10-15 stones shoot out of her left eye.

A bulge can be seen in the top left-hand side of the teen’s eyelid in a video shot in the village of Gadiya Balidaspur.

Off-camera, someone attempts to massage it down till a stone appears to fall out of her eye and onto the girl’s top. Another rock-like object falls from her eyelid later, this time from the upper right side.

The family has sought expert advice, but all have concluded that it is not medically possible.

This isn’t the first time something like this has occurred.

Saadiya Saleh, 12, from Yemen, was reported to have suffered from a similar ailment by the Mail Online in 2014.

Doctors stated they couldn’t explain the anomaly because the girl, Saadiya Saleh, doesn’t have any recognized illnesses.

Saadiya’s condition caused alarm in rural areas, with some believing she was possessed by sorcery.

Doctors retrieved a little box full of stones that had dropped from her eyes, according to a YouTube video aired by Yemen’s Azal satellite TV program.