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DPO shoots Amotekun operative for arresting Fulani herdsmen.

DPO shoots Amotekun operative for arresting Fulani herdsmen.

iexclusive News Nigeria reports that DPO Ayodeji Adepoju has shot Amotekun operative for arresting a Fulani Herdsmen


Ayodeji Adepoju said to be the Divisional Police Officer at Igbon Police Station in the Surulere Local Government Area of Oyo State.


Hé has been accused of shooting and injuring an operative of the Oyo State Security Network Agency known as Amotekun on Friday February 12.


The incident occurred after an aggrieved farmer filed a complaint with Amotekun operatives over the destruction of crops by cows brought to his farm in Gambari by Fulani herdsmen.


However after some herdsmen reported the arrest to the DPO, he ordered the arrest of two operatives of the Amotekun Corps identified as Jenyo and Olatunji Mayowa for arresting the herdsmen.


While insisting that Amotekun was not set up to arrest herdsmen but to go after armed robbers.


After the Unit Commander of Amotekun in the area, Araoye Amoo came to the police station with his men to secure the release of the two officials


The DPO reportedly stormed out of his office, collected a gun from a policeman and shot one of the Amotekun men in the leg.


The DPO repeatedly claimed that he overheard the Amotekun corps say they were coming to the station to kill him.


Punch reported that the unit commander said one of the Amotekun corps who escaped from the scene was pursued and disarmed.


He further revealed that the police checked and discovered that the gun which was forcefully collected from the Amotekun operatives, was not even loaded.


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